Other Services

In addition to one-to-one coaching, Annelise provides the following services. 


Talks on a variety of subjects  can be customized or be delivered in a workshop format or be part of a bigger event to enhance better communication and networking between teams, also through the power of story telling.
In such respect Annelise works with well renowed business associates to deliver proven event format so that organisational challenges such as diversity issue, lack of engagement and talent retention are uniquely approached.


Annelise , also in partnership with occupational psycologysts, cognitive behavioral trainers and other business 
associate  provides interactive and engaging  facilitation (in house or for an away day) and team coaching focused  on enriching team performance. Annelise has also facilitated online conferences such as the renowed WBECS - World Executive Business Summit
in 2016.

Using a more directive  coaching framework and levaraging on her solid and long standing experience in the legal and financial sector Annelise in her capacity as a mentor can help managers feel more confident, skilled, effective, and reflective, by measurements, accountability, and results in learning
and growth.