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Team Coaching

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According to the Department of Management science, 93% of decisions are most likely coming to fruition when they are team collaborated


Team coaching is recognised/awarded as one of the most sustainable solution to team collaboration.


Team coaching applies a systemic approach supporting the team to leverage on their talents and resources aiming to reach the common goals. I use two approaches:


Team Strengths: a series of team coaching and facilitation seminars, based on a Team Strengths profiling, a psychometric test aiming to assess strengths, weaknesses, learned behaviours and potentials of each team member and of the team as a whole. Studies have shown that teams that able to use more effectively their strengths are more productive, happier and focused.


Agile Team Coach: a series of team coaching and facilitation seminars, to put forward a more agile mind-set in the team organization and methods. It facilitates the cultural change from command-and-control structures to collaborative centric environments, efficiently supporting the delivery of an outstanding performance to the end client.


In both processes we firstly assess where the current situation diverts from the desired one and then actions needed to reach the business outcome. The Agile Team coach is more suitable for fast-changing situation where the team needs to quickly adapt and readjust focusing on optimal delivery. The Strength team coaching on the other end focuses on the individual and team dynamics to enhance performance. 

 “Enabling a team to function is more than the sum of its parts, by clarifying its mission and improving its internal and external relationships.”
(Hawkins and Smith)
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