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 About Annelise


Career Background

With a Magna Cum Laude Law Degree from the University of Rome and a Master in Banking and Finance Law from the University of London, I transitioned from a successful career as a Barrister in Italy to an international banking and finance lawyer in London.

My private practice experience with Clifford Chance and Linklaters & Alliance honed my expertise in financial market regulation, securitisation, project finance, and corporate law.

In 2004, I assumed the role of Vice President - Head of Italy Legal at Morgan Stanley, overseeing legal operations for both private and public sides, as well as corporate governance. I later earned a promotion to Executive Director and spearheaded the Legal Diversity Committee in 2010.

In 2012, I ventured into the recruitment start-up scene, serving as Client Relationship Director for over a year.


Today, I leverage this extensive background to empower individuals and teams in their career journeys.

Coaching Details:

  • Professional Certified Coach with ICF an accreditation held by only a select few coaches.

  • Certified Business Coach: Meyler Campbell Programme (WABC, AC, EMCC accredited).

  • NLP Practitioner, Positive Psychology Diploma: Enhancing coaching effectiveness.

  • Strengths Profile Accredited, Certified in Stress Management and Resilience: Tailored coaching solutions for wellbeing and performance

  • Certified Agile Team Coach: Boosting team productivity.

  • Certified Sacred Depth Practitioner: insights into junghian  psychology for exploring roots causes and eliminate resistance in change and development

  • Bilingual in English and Italian: Versatile coaching services.

  • Specializing in Law Firms and Financial Institutions: Partnership, performance, leadership, transitions.

International at Heart, English at Work, Australian in Attitude

I proudly embody a global perspective — Italian by heritage, English by profession, and Australian in my spirited approach.

Committed to Mentorship and Charity

I'm actively engaged in mentoring programs for 'Inspire the Future' by Miriam Gonzales Durantes and 'The Aspire Foundation' by Sam Collins.

Stewardship with Confassociazioni

Currently serving as the General Secretary/Board Member for the UK Confederation by Confassociazioni, I'm dedicated to its mission. For more details, click here.

Overcoming Life's Challenges with Resilience

Like many, I've faced significant life hurdles. Through resilience and determination, I've not only triumphed but thrive. I'm passionate about assisting others in achieving sustainable success, even in the face of life's inevitable trials.

Athleticism and Parenthood in Harmony

Having been a competitive athlete in my youth, I've competed in various races, from marathons to half-marathons, and excelled in step and aerobic championships. Today, I navigate the dynamic role of entrepreneur while being a mother to two dynamic pre-teen boys!

For a comprehensive overview of my education and qualifications, click here.

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