What is executive coaching?
Why work with Annelise

In an equal coaching partnership success rates are much higher if the coach has a good understanding and experience of the world of an executive leader in order to create a safe environment of mutual trust and respect.


Annelise's understanding of systems thinking and context relating the executive to the wider organisation enable her to go to the core of the matter and challenge the executive, stretching his/her thinking. 


The ability to call upon different coaching and leadership models, thanks to her  accreditation and continuous professional development, allows Annelise to take a tailor-made approach that will support you in finding clarity, pursuing your authentic objectives and living to the full - both professionally and personally.

She works in accordance with the Code of Ethics of the Association of Coaching, which includes guaranteeing confidentiality.


As a former senior corporate lawyer who moved to London from Italy 20 years ago, and also a mum of two young children, Annelise understands the issues stemming from a demanding career, a busy family life and living  life in a foreign city. She will recognize the issues that a busy professional like you faces.

In summary when you work with Annelise you will:
  • feel supported 

  • strategise on short-term and long-term plans

  • come out of every session with an action plan

  • have space and time to develop awareness and clarity of thoughts

  • feel re-energised and re-engage with personal and professional projects



The Coaching Process:
Executive coaching is a working partnership


It is a facilitative conversation between two people - the coach, who is usually but not always, hired by the organisation and an executive/leader within that organisation. It also involves understanding where the executive is in reality; where and who that executive want to be, how he/she is going to get there and overcome any obstacles en route. 


It is also about challenging the executive to think widely thereby opening up other ways of thinking and exploring within a safe environment in a space created in partnership.


It is about bringing clarity, focus and fresh insights to whatever the executive brings to the session.


Most of all, executive coaching is about moving forward and helping the executive to lead, make choices and influence the direction of the organisation in a way which ultimately impacts the bottom line.

The process

Working with Annelise entails a first free chemistry session to check if she is the right coach for you.


Contracting is a paramount first step to ensure a successful relationship where processes, parameters and expected outcomes are laid out. When coaching is sponsored by an organisation there will be different stakeholders, including the organisation, the manager, the HR person, in addition to the coach and the individual, and a multilateral meeting can take place at the beginning of an assignment.  


Depending on the objectives, a 3, 6 or 12-month programme can be agreed  with intermittent review of the process.  

Annelise's coaching helped me to find a positive exit of my previous employment which I strongly desired but did not manage to execute . She triggered thought processes by asking the relevant questions and applying well chosen tools to make the change happen. I have always recommended Annelise to others.


Barbara Schutz. MD, Banking, London

 “Unlocking a person’s potential to maximize their own performance.
It is helping them tolearn rather than teaching them.”
(Whitmore 2003)