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Case Studies & Testimonials
"I never cease to be amazed at the power of the coaching process to draw out the skills or
talent that was previously hidden within an individual, and which invariably finds a way to
solve a problem previously thought unsolvable." 
John Russell 

Case Study 1

Senior Lawyer experiencing confusion and doubt about her current position, career dissatisfaction, low mood .


Required coaching to clarify what she wanted to do with her career, where her passion lied, where she wanted to live and how.

Case Study 1

Case Study 2

Senior investment banking lawyer facing different challenges in terms of career progression, work life balance and managing relationships.


The coaching involved a mixed programme of coaching and mentoring in particular in how to manage relationship, control one’s emotion in a work context , tools to achieve a more balanced life and career progression.


By believing in the power of coaching and investing in a personal coaching program, the client has created transformational change not only in the objectives she was pursuing but also in deepening her own awareness and changing well established behaviours. The change has been noticed by colleagues, including their boss, as well as friends and family.

Client Testimonial

“Annelise is the person who helped me to focus and pursue my objectives; I was in the process to change my professional life but a bit lost in choosing the exact field of work to provide me with the satisfaction I was looking for.


She coached me with practical instruments and I was able to open my eyes  and listen to myself. She helped me to solve any internal conflict and harmonise several aspects of my life and in a very short time I got a proposal that I was able to catch and manage and I succeeded.


I strongly recommend her to anyone trying to succeed in their work or life because she has a practical approach; she immediately understands your needs and helps you to find the right way.” 

~ Rita P. Senior Legal Expert


The client really enjoyed the practical aspects of coaching and the action oriented angle that she previously did not experience whilst in therapy.


A non-directive coaching approach was implemented together with other NLP  techniques and brainstorming. As the week progressed, the client started to improve her work situation, regain trust and confidence in her capabilities.


She landed her dream job as a legal expert for a development project in an African country, which satisfied her desire to have a purpose and help underprivileged people.

Client Testimonial

“I was facing a very challenging time during my professional career as I really wanted to step up and progress but I was lost and I didn’t know where to start to make this happen.


I approached Annelise as I didn’t feel I was doing the right thing and I felt I wasn’t really achieving what was in my mind and concreate result with my promotion and in terms of career progression. There was something that definitively I wasn’t doing right, but I couldn’t identify by myself what was it or where I went wrong. Things felt unorganized and I had no structure to what I was doing. I had a general idea, but needed to fine-tune the details so I could  truly move ahead.


Annelise was definitively the best choice, meeting her and starting my coaching with her not only changed my way of thinking and helped me with my career progression but it also changed the way I deal and approach things in my life. I  was  finally able to achieve great results, particularly with my job/career/path. Every single person around me was amazed about my changes and results.


Annelise was also the perfect fit for me; as a former investment bank lawyer, she had just the insight  I needed and she immediately understood my frustrations and where my issues where coming from. She helped me to be more confident, branch out and try things I had been scared to try. I have accomplished so many things since I have started my coaching session with Annelise and I am so proud of myself as now I can see tangible results.


The coaching sessions with Annelise were power-filled, mind-blowing and definitely an amazing insight of who I was, where I wanted to go and why I felt stuck. She is great at clarifying your vision of where you want to go and facilitating goals attainments.”

~ Marilena Salzone, Senior Equity Derivatives Lawyer, US Investment Bank.

Case Study 3

Business owner invested in a confidence building coaching programme to increase her visibility, organisational skills, and confidence and accelerate her business objectives.

Client Testimonial

"Annelise is just the kind of business coach I was looking for. She has an amazing skill of getting me to realise what is most important and focusing my mind on what I need to do next. She has made it possible for me to do things that I was putting off or was scared to do.


She holds me to account so that I am more likely to carry out what I said I would do, so that I succeed more than I ever thought I would. I recommend her very highly to small business owners and anyone trying to succeed in their work. "

~ Anna Sharman, owner and CEO of Cofactor



The client was extremely receptive to the coaching sessions and took full responsibility. In a short period of time she implemented the action plans agreed within the sessions and organised her business plan and action list which included going out of her comfort zone, being more confident with public speaking and, in general, being more confident in her own abilities. Thus increasing her business prospective and future return potential.

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