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Understanding your world, I
help you, your team and your organisation



 Do you want to? 

  • increase your impact at work, your leadership skills, your career, your work-life integration also by leveraging on your strengths 

  • solve issues relating to your team or increase performance with strengths or agile approach

  • address specific factors to make your organisation thrive such as mental and leadership training or effective communication

I can and would be delighted to help!

Why me?

  • Executive background as a senior international lawyer 

  • 8 years of coaching experience, relevant coaching and psychology qualifications 

  • Clients achievements 

  • A real passion for your growth, success and a tenacious energy for life and my work.     

Make 2022 your year of growth, success and authentic performance



"Annelise was the perfect fit for me; as a former investment bank lawyer, she had just the insight I needed and she immediately understood my frustrations and where my issues where coming from. She helped me to be more confident, branch out and try things I had been scared to try. I have accomplished so many things since I have started my coaching session with Annelise and I am so proud of myself as now I can see tangible results"

- Marilena Salzone Senior Country Counsel , JP Morgan 


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Mobile:  +44 7753 620 219

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As a Sacred Depth practitioner I bring additional elements to the table to further support, advance your career and increase your impact as a leader.



"Annelise is extremely good at motivating people and at helping them gaining invaluable insight from their career as to what has proved effective and what could have been approached differently"


     Roberta Cereda, Senior Lawyer 

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