Achieve clarity, growth 
& high performance

Annelise works with successful executives in professional
service firms to maximize their potential, reach authentic goals and develop resilience.




"Annelise is just the kind of business coach I was looking for. She has an amazing skill of getting me to realise what is most important and focusing my mind on what I need to do next. She has made it possible for me to do things that I was putting off or was scared to do.

 I recommend her very highly to

business owners and anyone trying to succeed in their work. "

~ Anna Sharman, owner and CEO of Cofactor


Working together

Annelise combines her qualifications, experience and empathy to facilitate organisational objectives
as well as professionals’ performance at key transition points.

Drawing on a successful career in the city as an international finance lawyer and her
cross-cultural experiences, she uses research-based psychological and business methodologies, combined with commercial experience, to maximize the potential of an individual, team or organisation.

You will have an expert who understands your challenges and will work in partnership with you to clarify your objectives, create a space for strategic thinking and work with you to ensure a proper implementation.



Mobile:  +44 7753 620 219

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Working together